Magnetism Dates back approximately 4,000 years ago when a shepherd came across a large rock. He was interested in this rock when the nails of his shoes and the end of his staff stuck firmly to the rock with an invisible force. This rock is known as today as lodestone or magnetite. This rock was given many characteristics for instance healing powers, medicines, it was even said to change personalities. But in 1269 it was discovered that if you hang this rock from a rope or suspend it somehow that it always points north. Therefore the compass was discovered. And in 1600 it was proposed that the Earth itself was actually a magnet and it was proven to be later called the Magnetic Field, but enough of history.

On a magnet there are two ends, one end is known as the north end and the other is known as the south end. Opposites attract, those are key words that you will need to know during magnetism. The north end points towards the North Pole and the south end points toward the South Pole. There are 2 types of magnets a permanent magnet or a temporary magnet. A permanent magnet is what we all know as a refrigerator magnet or any everyday magnet. A temporary magnet is easier to make and you can make it right from home. If you take a magnetic metallic object and a non magnetic metallic object it’s easy to make. All you do is take the magnetic object and stroke the non-metallic object in the same direction a few times and it becomes a temporary magnet. What this does is the magnetic object takes the atoms in the non-magnetic object and aligns them therefore making it magnetic. Simply dropping or heating the temporary magnet can scramble the atoms to their original form and causing the magnetic properties to go away but it can be made over and over.

The Magnetic Field

In 1600 the Magnetic field was proposed. And it was actually true. The magnetic field plays many rolls in the earth’s protective rolls. The magnetic field makes north and south but it also blocks solar winds. Solar winds are winds or energy that are blown off the sun and shot down the solar system. Mars, Venus, Jupiter and more planets have no magnetic field so solar winds strike those planets all the time with very strong force. Our magnetic field protects us. Without the field the solar winds would fry us, blow us away whatever it takes. As you can see from the picture below that the field reaches out very far. There are some pictures of what they would look like below the magnetic field picture. It is said that the magnetic field will flip later in time and that it has already once in an earlier time. But if that were true we have no way of proving it because if it did happen there is no record of it ever happening.Magnetic_field.jpg

Opposites Attract

Magnets are strongest at its poles when you put an N and an S together and you have attraction but if you but a N and a N together you get repel. Here’s a cool project you can do lay some iron filings in the center of a table and then take two magnets and point one with N toward the iron fillings and take the other and point the N pole toward the fillings too and push them together what happens. It should look somthing like the top picture.

But if you take one magnet and turn it around to the S end is facing the filings and the other magnet is facing it with the N end and push it together it should look somthing like the bottom picture. This brings out the invisable force of attraction and repulsioIron_Filings.jpgn.