Properties of Matter

Lesson Three: Characteristics of Matter
Students will be able to describe the physical characteristics of matter.
Physical changes will be described. (Changes of State)
The chemical characteristics and changes of reactivity and combustibility will be described.

Properties and Characteristics of Matter
Matter- is anything that occupies space.
Physical properties of matter- are density, mass, color, freezing point, boiling point, taste, smell, malleability, ductibility, and volume. Physical changes can be changing from one state of matter to another like melting or freezing.

Chemical properties – these are properties that change the substance like burning or reacting it with other chemicals. The chemical properties have been changed.

Malleability- this is one of the properties of Matter. It is able to be extended or shaping it differently by using a hammer or using a roller.
Ductibility- easy to bend or to hammer the substance.
Volume- is the amount of space, its measured in cubic units, that an object occupies.
Combustibility- how it would burn.