Simple Machines.

Simple machines- are devices that are used to reduce the work load.

There are many different types of simple machines some examples are

A ramp- a ramp may also be called and inclined plane the are flat surfaces that are set at an angle. They are used for overcoming a large resistance with using a small amount of force.


A wedge- a wedge is two inclined planes put together side to side to put things together or pull things apart. Or used to cut things Ex: scissors ,knifes, and screw drivers.


A screw- a screw has groves on the outside of it so it will hold things very tightly. To remove a screw you turn it the opposite way with a screw driver.


A lever- A lever is a bar that turns on a point called a fulcrum. So the greater the distance the more the lever can move.


A wheel and axle- A wheel and axle is a lever that can rotate through a complete circle.

A gear- A gear has teeth around the outer rim. When the teeth of two gears fit together it causes the other one to turn in the opposite direction.


A crank-
A crank is a handle of a machine that is connected at right angle of an axle. It helps turn things for example a wheel of a bike is a crank it turns as the wheel goes faster.

A pulley- A pulley has a wheel with groves around the outer rims that hold the rope. You use a pulley to move a heavy object higher by pulling on the other end of the rope.


simple machine game!